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“The level of thought and work the team put into developing and delivering the class was clear. Also, the qualifications of the team to speak on these topics was incredibly impressive -- it was never in doubt that you knew your stuff and we were getting the benefit of your real knowledge and experience.”

“I am confident now that I have the tools to navigate upcoming changes as they arise, and that I have a stronger network to help with that navigation.”

“The access to the knowledge, expertise, and advice from the executive leadership at LeaderFit was phenomenal.”

“The entire cohort was such a pleasure to be around each week - the diversity of experience and decades of wisdom combined in that cohort was absolutely refreshing and inspiring.”

“I feel much more confident in my capabilities and previous experience from the public sector going forward as I forge my way into the social sector. I realized I was settling for less than I deserved in applying to some positions just because I did not realize the full potential of my transferable skill sets.”

What is Purpose Path?

We believe each of us has a unique purpose, that intersection where our individual passions and skills meet the world’s needs.

Purpose Path is a program to inspire busy professionals to pause, reflect, evaluate, and plan their career path -- one that helps them find and pursue their true purpose. At the core of this program is a supportive community and a structured process for individuals considering their next steps. 


Why Purpose Path?

As executive recruiters and leadership consultants, we have the privilege of meeting with incredibly talented professionals every day, often when they find themselves at or approaching an important inflection point in their careers.

We’ve noticed a recurring theme. Despite all of their accomplishments and opportunities, they start to question if they are on the right path. This can be challenging, and we’ve found there aren’t many resources readily available to support them. We created Purpose Path to provide a supportive community and structured process to navigate this critical period.

Program Goals

Gain new awareness and clarity about your unique professional strengths and interests

Find new ways and words to communicate what you offer to the world

Create a career strategy to accelerate your path

Be part of a community for support and accountability

What to Expect

We have developed a curriculum based on our many years of experience working with leading nonprofit organizations and interviewing top talent. This has given us a unique lens and insight into how to most effectively reflect, assess, and plan for your purpose path.

1: Reflect and Assess

Before you can plan ahead, you need to look back and understand where you’ve been. We will facilitate several interactive exercises to help you.

2: Create Your Future

We will begin to look ahead as you develop your personal mission statement and the career pathways that support it. We will help you focus on your unique purpose and what your ideal future will include.

3: Promote Yourself

It's time to put together your package of personal marketing materials (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, elevator pitch) to help you communicate to the world who you are and what you want. 

4: Bring it Home 

This is where the rubber meets the road. We will help you to prepare for interviews and negotiations. You will also develop a personal action plan to ensure you are positioned to make your purpose path a reality. 

Purpose Path & Future44

In 2016, the LeaderFit team customized and delivered its PurposePath career coaching program, as adjunct faculty of Georgetown University, to more than 300 White House appointees through the Future44 program. 


"I wanted to thank you and your team for the amazing work in organizing and leading these sessions. I've been so thoroughly impressed with your skill, expertise, and grace. I and my colleagues really appreciate it."

“Thank you for such great Future44 sessions. I've found them to be super helpful, inspiring and blissfully structured. I know they've been incredibly motivating, and reassuring, for many of us."

“Thank you endlessly for a beautiful, epic session of purpose path-ing. You and your team gave so much to us all, really grateful.”


We are pleased to have delivered Purpose Path to over 300 people in our inaugural year. Stay tuned for upcoming Purpose Path dates!

Questions? Email us at purposepath@leaderfit.org

Check out our FAQs here.


“It was very powerful to hear that so many highly accomplished people had similar doubts and questions about their career. Getting feedback from the group was highly beneficial.”

“The content flow, cohort dynamics, and most importantly training facilitation really exceeded my expectations.”

“I am in awe and inspired by the expertise, insight, energy, passion, and time you have put into creating this program, to welcoming and responding to our feedback, and to making sure that it met our needs. I feel so fortunate to have had chance to meet and learn from you.”

“This refreshing, proactive, and bold approach to our careers is exactly what I needed to get "unstuck" and has caused me to see my own career quite differently.”

“I've seen a lot of negotiations scenarios and this was the single most useful one. The scenarios were well-constructed and well-acted, and I found the session really valuable.”

Leaderfit presents


Career Coaching for Good.

Where your unique talents meet the world's greatest needs.

Welcome to Purpose Path, a 6-week highly-interactive workshop series (2-3 hours per week) designed to help individuals find the intersection where their unique talents meet the world’s needs.

Why Purpose Path?

Every one of us has a unique purpose -- that intersection where our individual passions and skills meet the world’s needs.

In our thousands of conversations with professionals, we’ve learned it’s difficult to discern what your purpose is, especially on your own.

(this is where we come in, etc.)

Is This For You?

  • Are you already working in a mission-driven organization and thinking about what’s next?  
  • Are you considering a transition to a mission-driven organization and would like to explore the possibilities?
  • Are you interested in connecting with like-minded professionals?
  • Are you craving the space, structure, and accountability to chart your professional path?


If you answered yes to any of these questions - then Purpose Path is for you - and you can apply here.


Note: This program is designed to support individuals with a minimum of 10 years of experience. We encourage individuals with 20 or 30+ years of experience to apply as well, and will build cohorts accordingly. We believe significant experience is necessary for participants to reflect on their past experiences for both themselves and their peers.

Find new ways and words to communicate your strengths

Gain new awareness and clarity about your unique professionals strengths and interests.

Create a career strategy to accelerate on your path

Build a new community for support and accountability

Class Pricing and Schedule

Our six-week course costs $1,875. Payments are not requested until after you have been through the application process and offered a place.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Apply by Sunday, August 7th (midnight EST) and pay $1,495 if you are accepted.

Session One: Reflect and Assess

This first session will focus on identifying your unique strengths and themes from your career path to start to identify what you are most drawn to – and away from – and how your unique skills with that.

Session Two: Envision Your Future

Building on the insights gained from session 1, we’ll start to look ahead as you develop your personal vision and mission statement. Through this work you’ll hone in on your unique purpose and what you want that to look like as you move forward on your path.

Session Three: Connect the Pieces

Having spent some time digging into your unique talents, where you’ve been, and where you’re headed, we’ll start pulling it together so that both you and others can see how all of these pieces connect to create your path

Session Four: Promote Yourself

This is your permission to brag. We know it’s both what you say and how you say it. And these days you have to say it in multiple ways. Blog posts, LinkedIn, resumes, coffees, interviews: we’ll discuss multiple components of positioning and branding to be sure you’re saying what you mean to say and the way you mean to say it. This will help to ensure that you and others have the language and tools to help you on your path.

Session Five: Take Action

You’ll put together an action plan for the path that’s right for you. That may mean thinking out a year or two or it may mean putting together an immediate search plan and fine turning your resume and interview tips. Wherever you plan to head, this time will be about creating the right plan and connecting to accountability peers to support you (and keep you honest!) along the way.

Session Six: We’re in this Together

Throughout this entire path you’ll work as one group, providing feedback and support along the way with your peers. As we wrap up our official time together, we’ll focus on how you want to remain connected as a network and how you can continue to support each other as you move forward not just in a career search, but in your careers.

Apply Today

This brief application allows us – and you! – to make sure that this is a program designed and customized to fit your needs. We recommend spending no more than 15-30 minutes on the application. No payment is required until after you’ve been accepted into the program. Everything shared in your application (as well as in the program) will be kept confidential.

After receiving your application, we will be in touch within 3-5 business days to follow-up with any questions. A short interview may be required.

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