Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Since we founded LeaderFit in 2009, our mission has been to strengthen the leadership capacity of the nonprofit sector. From the beginning, a key driver of our work has been helping nonprofits diversify their leadership teams. It is fact that organizations, like our country, are better when they reflect, respect, and amplify the beautiful diversity of our communities.

We are proud that 44% of our leadership placements are people of color. But that is not enough. We must do more, both inside our company, with the nonprofits we serve, and within our communities, to help develop and implement strategies and actionable plans that ensure people of color are provided opportunities to develop and thrive.

We are committed to becoming an unequivocally antiracist organization. We commit to moving forward with humility - by actively reflecting, listening, learning, and confronting bias, prejudice, and racial inequality. Together, we have the responsibility to learn from the past and present to change our future. 

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