Our values define who we are, why we do this work, and how we do it. We are kind, respectful, empathetic, connected, and joyful leaders who promote equity, inclusion, justice, impact, and transformation. We do this through clear communication, transparency, accountability, teamwork, integrity, trust, and sharing power.

Our Equity Imperative

We are here to transform historically exclusive hiring structures in the social impact sector in partnership with leaders and organizations that share our values. We work to dismantle systemic racism and remove implicit bias in nonprofit leadership recruiting. We bring change to traditional racist and oppressive hiring practices that have over-relied on “who we know,” a premium on elite academic institutions, and comfort in hiring leaders who are familiar. We elevate and amplify marginalized voices to positions of influence and power.

How We Do This

With every search, we at LeaderFit:

  • set reasonable timelines that are not rushed to allow thoughtfulness and intentionality in developing diverse portfolios of candidates and inclusive processes with relevant stakeholders;
  • push for equitable compensation ranges and include salary bands in every job description;
  • ensure broad access and do not over-rely on our network or our partner organizations’ networks;
  • encourage boards of directors and hiring managers to be open to a diverse range of candidates who may be different from their vision of “an ideal candidate” or previous leader;
  • discourage boards or search committees from conducting independent references for candidates;
  • proactively seek to share leadership opportunities with leaders of color and others who have been historically marginalized;
  • research and identify a broad and diverse portfolio of candidates who bring different perspectives and lived experiences;
  • provide a voluntary, open-ended self-identification form (not a drop-down box!) on every application for individuals to share how they identify, in their own words, if they choose to do so;
  • assess competencies in addition to experience when developing candidate profiles; we do not believe a candidate needs to have previously done the same role to succeed;
  • encourage boards of directors and hiring managers to share the power of hiring with staff and community stakeholders in the search;
  • strive to provide equal access to information to all candidates;
  • respectfully engage all candidates through intentional communication, updates, and kindness; and 
  • work with boards and leadership teams to understand their shared responsibility in the transition process, including their role in supporting and ensuring the success of the incoming leader.

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