An executive search firm offers many benefits that can help your organization save significant time and provide expert guidance at every step. Here are a few specific benefits we offer our clients.

1. Efficient Time Management

An executive search process can take hundreds of hours of time — from coordinating the search committee, to conducting extensive marketing and outreach, to reviewing hundreds of applications, to scheduling, interviewing and evaluating candidates, to conducting thorough reference checks. LeaderFit manages all of the details so you can focus on the most important work – interviewing and hiring the best candidate!

2. Extensive Industry Knowledge and Trend Awareness

An experienced firm can offer a deep understanding of the key challenges and trends impacting the talent market for a particular industry. We can also help you avoid common pitfalls. And we know where to look to find hidden talent, those gems who aren’t actively searching and may not respond to a traditional job posting.

3. A Proven Process

Our experience successfully leading hundreds of searches has enabled us to develop and continually refine a process that carefully assesses candidates on multiple dimensions, including knowledge, skills, experiences, leadership attributes, and cultural competencies.

4. Expansive Network of Qualified Executives

For more than two decades, our team has cultivated a strong and diverse network of experts across every sector. We also receive new inquiries from executive job seekers every day. From day-one, we can hit the ground running to build a strong and diverse pipeline of qualified candidates.

5. Objective Guidance

An important value-add we bring to our clients is the objectivity and distance of a third party. This is particularly helpful in situations with internal candidates, a complicated leadership success, or where there are different opinions about the ideal candidate profile.